Friday, December 29, 2006

david belle le parkour with english subtitles

excellent athletic skills. pumps me up too.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Extreme fatigue today

I suppose that my new Pilates exercise program is what is doing this to me, but I really needed that hour long nap in the mid-day today. And I felt busted after it.

The first thing I wanted when starting this exercise program was beans, rice, cheese and tomatoes.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

My boss asked me if I wanted to get pizza

I said: "who is we"

He said: "oh just me and Mike"

I said: "are we going to discuss business. If so I will go"

He said: "no we're just going to get pizza"

I said: "well in that case I'll stay here"

He said: "ok"

I then began to have my guilt trips about not being a sociable guy, etc. But I am still on track for the Cosmic Orgasm as written about by Prof. Arnold Ehret from his book "Rational Fasting":

"If your blood is formed from eating pure foods, your brain will function in a manner that will surprise you. Your former life will take on the appearance of a dream, and for the first time in your existence your consciousness awakens to a real self-consciousness.

Your mind, your thinking, your ideals, your aspirations and your philosophy changes fundamentally in such a way as to beggar description.

Your soul will shout for joy and triumph over all misery of life, leaving it all behind you. For the first time you will feel a vibration of vitality through your body (like a slight electric current) that shakes you delightfully."

and we can't forget Joshua Rainbow: ( )

We must be a Light unto the World, to one another - become Illumined as to the Truth, and to Live the Truth, and Enjoy Life - Eternally. Sensitivity or Feeling is dependent upon Electro-Magnetic Nerve Impulses. The Body, to be able to Feel anything, must be in a State of Life, which is a Process of Nourishment through Diet - and should therefore receive our greatest attention - but most often gets the least. If we Eat the Proper Foods (raw Fruit-Airian Dietary) our Material Body will not be made Dense and overly Insulated by Excess Mucous-Wax-Rubber Matter. Our every Nerve Cell is then Bared and is Sensitive to the finest Stimuli that exists -

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The biggest problem is thinking you have a body, not what you put in it

One of the tenets of Buddhism is no-self. People focused on life-extension and physical health are focused on a banshee.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Repeated sour stomach

I'm thinking I better only eat organic. As much as I love watermelon, I'm thinking that I'm abusing myself by eating conventional ones.

Every day my stomach is sour. This is aggravating.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Miserable stomach all day

Until the itty bitty BM I just had. Detox is painful, but hey I got myself in this, now I gotta get myself back out. :)

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Definition of enlightenment

Supremely pleasurable experience of totality --- Lama Yeshe "Introduction to Tantra"

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42 speaks on High Magick, Evocation, and the Proper Attitude for Deciding on a Spiritual Path

[2006-07-16 15:45:56] *** black_spider ( joined
[2006-07-16 15:46:21] <Sylph> hello black_spider
[2006-07-16 15:46:33] <black_spider> hey
[2006-07-16 15:47:37] <black_spider> wow...didn't know about this channel
[2006-07-16 15:48:25] <@^42^> black_spider Welcome to #MagicK
[2006-07-16 15:48:58] <Sylph> ^42^ knows everything u'd like to know...or at least i think so..
[2006-07-16 15:49:01] *** |Baron| ( joined
[2006-07-16 15:49:02] *** X sets channel #MagicK mode +v |Baron|
[2006-07-16 15:49:08] <Sylph> everything about the channel..
[2006-07-16 15:49:38] <black_spider> :)):)
[2006-07-16 15:49:42] <@^42^> Sylph come on over I might teach you something
[2006-07-16 15:49:56] <black_spider> what should i know about the channel?
[2006-07-16 15:50:09] <@^42^> it is about High MagicK
[2006-07-16 15:50:19] <+prism> black_spider, dont piss off the ops, say anything silly, do anything silly and you will live, at least for the moment :)
[2006-07-16 15:50:20] <Shaezsche> 42 #shaezsche
[2006-07-16 15:50:22] <Shaezsche> now
[2006-07-16 15:50:24] <Shaezsche> we are growing
[2006-07-16 15:50:29] <Shaezsche> its going to be mad shit conversations
[2006-07-16 15:50:32] <@^42^> if your a fully wiccan piss off, if your a thelemite on meds piss off
[2006-07-16 15:50:51] <Serene> heh
[2006-07-16 15:51:05] <black_spider> ....may i say...that i'm confused?
[2006-07-16 15:51:09] <SleepWalker> yah can say silly things prism....
[2006-07-16 15:51:11] <@^42^> black_spider talk about anything, dont be an assclown
[2006-07-16 15:51:23] <Shaezsche> assclowns welcome in #shaezsche
[2006-07-16 15:51:32] <+prism> SleepWalker, :)
[2006-07-16 15:51:33] <SleepWalker> thas an assclown ;p
[2006-07-16 15:51:48] <@^42^> Shaezsche advertize in an assclown channel
[2006-07-16 15:51:52] <Shaezsche> ok
[2006-07-16 15:51:54] <Shaezsche> ill stop
[2006-07-16 15:51:58] <+prism> #linux is an assclown channel
[2006-07-16 15:52:07] <SleepWalker> hmm
[2006-07-16 15:52:19] <SleepWalker> then wahs windows?
[2006-07-16 15:52:31] <+prism> retarded or broken
[2006-07-16 15:52:39] <@^42^> black_spider you study MagicK?
[2006-07-16 15:52:59] <black_spider> no...
[2006-07-16 15:53:04] <black_spider> i wish i would
[2006-07-16 15:54:26] <Sylph> somebody should teach her
[2006-07-16 15:54:28] <Sylph> :)
[2006-07-16 15:54:51] *** uaiui (~uaiui@ joined
[2006-07-16 15:55:00] *** X sets channel #MagicK mode +l 39
[2006-07-16 15:55:01] <black_spider> magick?...
[2006-07-16 15:55:28] <nagasiva> magick
[2006-07-16 15:56:29] <black_spider> shouldn't that be "magik"?
[2006-07-16 15:56:39] <black_spider> or it's some other stuff?
[2006-07-16 15:56:44] <Sylph> no..
[2006-07-16 15:56:46] <Sylph> magic
[2006-07-16 15:56:57] <Sylph> ..but magic with c is considered to be illusion
[2006-07-16 15:57:03] <@^42^> High MagicK = Enochian, Hermetic, Kabbalah, Evocation/Goetia/Shemhamphorash, Thelema 
[2006-07-16 15:57:04] <@^42^> low magick = religion, paganism, wicca, druidry, runes magick, shamonism,
[2006-07-16 15:57:04] <@^42^> power puff magick = David icke, peper carol chaos magick, satanism, and cthulu necromonicon, direct magick
[2006-07-16 15:57:04] <@^42^> magic = stage magic, rabbits in hats, card tricks, david blaine the 4 trick wonder boy
[2006-07-16 15:57:12] <Shaezsche> magic with a c is for people who graduated from high school
[2006-07-16 15:57:13] <Sylph> magick is said to be the true magic..
[2006-07-16 15:57:51] <black_spider> aha..i see
[2006-07-16 15:57:52] <+prism> what is Shemhamphorash I have never come across that one before
[2006-07-16 15:57:58] <Shaezsche> 72 name thingy
[2006-07-16 15:57:59] <Shaezsche> of god
[2006-07-16 15:58:23] <SleepWalker> does kris angel have 4 or 5?
[2006-07-16 16:00:11] <@^42^> Kris Angel is a real Stage magic guy david blain probley has nightmares about a show off with him
[2006-07-16 16:00:31] <SleepWalker> heh
[2006-07-16 16:00:43] <+prism> ^42^, what is Shemhamphorash
[2006-07-16 16:01:15] <@^42^> prism Shemhamphorash is the 72 Angels for Evocation, when you Evoke them you can learn many things, Goetia being the 72 Demons
[2006-07-16 16:01:28] <+prism> ah I see
[2006-07-16 16:01:29] <+prism> ok
[2006-07-16 16:03:23] <Serene> who's kris angel?
[2006-07-16 16:03:51] <@^42^> a beter stage magic guy
[2006-07-16 16:04:07] <Serene> you said 'real' stage magic/
[2006-07-16 16:04:12] <SleepWalker> yah hes prettier and levitatier
[2006-07-16 16:04:15] <Serene> is that magicK?
[2006-07-16 16:05:07] <@^42^> High MagicK = Enochian, Hermetic, Kabbalah, Evocation/Goetia/Shemhamphorash, Thelema 
[2006-07-16 16:05:08] <@^42^> low magick = religion, paganism, wicca, druidry, runes magick, shamonism,
[2006-07-16 16:05:08] <@^42^> power puff magick = David icke, peper carol chaos magick, satanism, and cthulu necromonicon, direct magick
[2006-07-16 16:05:08] <@^42^> magic = stage magic, rabbits in hats, card tricks, david blaine the 4 trick wonder boy
[2006-07-16 16:05:12] * @^42^ slaps Serene around a bit with a large trout
[2006-07-16 16:05:37] <black_spider> Serene...ya confused too?
[2006-07-16 16:06:14] <SleepWalker> stage magic is clearly not
[2006-07-16 16:06:50] <SleepWalker> kris angel a performance artist of illusion
[2006-07-16 16:07:54] <Serene> what kind of magick do I practice?  I just imagine things...
[2006-07-16 16:08:06] <@^42^> All High MagicK needs to be a compleate system and have this criteria
[2006-07-16 16:08:07] <@^42^> High MagicK= Origio Exemplar Actio Effectio, and the ability to saftly and successfully Evoke
[2006-07-16 16:08:09] <@^42^> Origio=Source, Exemplar=Formula, Actio=Action, Effectio=Result
[2006-07-16 16:08:11] <@^42^> Following ones heart and gut has lead to some drops in standards in the knowledge standards in the Wiccan community, because almost everything is now 'whatever you feel' - but somethings just can't be that way, somethings are dangerous and stupid.
[2006-07-16 16:12:42] <black_spider> ...
[2006-07-16 16:16:54] <+Crayden> Or just woefully inefficient ;p
[2006-07-16 17:36:36] *** now talking in #magick
[2006-07-16 17:36:36] *** topic is crazy clip | Good vid:
[2006-07-16 17:36:36] *** set by Shaganoz on Sat Jul 15 21:49:11 2006
[2006-07-16 17:36:36] *** channel #magick mode is +tnl 37
[2006-07-16 17:36:36] *** channel created at Mon Apr 18 12:39:05 2005
[2006-07-16 17:37:22] <black_spider> questions...ok...what can you do trough magick?...using magick?..
[2006-07-16 17:39:05] *** Shaezsche quit (Quit )
[2006-07-16 17:39:17] <@^42^> You can Evoke and Angel or in your case a Demon , and learn things from them
[2006-07-16 17:39:34] <Sonycant> you could get to know yourself very well
[2006-07-16 17:39:43] <@^42^> which may included how to do other rituals, call on energyes, formulas etc.. or learn abilities that are usefull astraly or physicaly
[2006-07-16 17:39:44] <black_spider> ..well..there is a little problem..
[2006-07-16 17:40:06] <black_spider> i don't believe in angels,demons..god,devil & CO
[2006-07-16 17:40:40] <@^42^> that is my problem how?
[2006-07-16 17:41:19] <black_spider> no..:)just telling you..srry:D
[2006-07-16 17:41:39] <@^42^> you believe in Satan, I see it in your usernick
[2006-07-16 17:41:39] <metaperl> how long is the evoked entity visible for? does it take any special powers to see the evoked entity or would a normal person like me see them?
[2006-07-16 17:42:00] <@^42^> metaperl it is visible for many many hours, till it is told to leave
[2006-07-16 17:42:12] <metaperl> can it be filmed with a video camera?
[2006-07-16 17:42:36] <Sonycant> depends who's filming
[2006-07-16 17:42:36] <@^42^> metaperl it helps to work on your Astral Vision, but that is not needed if you are over for a sit in on one of my sesions
[2006-07-16 17:42:48] *** DeMolay quit (Quit )
[2006-07-16 17:42:50] <@^42^> metaperl I have never tryed, so wouldnt know
[2006-07-16 17:43:17] <black_spider> [00:42:51] <^42^> you believe in Satan, I see it in your usernick<--no...actually..i don;t
[2006-07-16 17:44:29] <@^42^> I will assume "No I dont beleive in him", not No I dont see that in my ....
[2006-07-16 17:45:09] <@^42^> Belief isnt as importiant as low magick ppl suggest, the Formula has to be accurate, and any action taken on it
[2006-07-16 17:45:59] <@^42^> low magick says you have to have faith for it to work, but in reality that is part of them reflecting how they made them selves delusional into thinking all their stuff works
[2006-07-16 17:46:54] <@^42^> fanatical/professional Skeptics are in the same but oposite camp, they believe nothing works, no mater what
[2006-07-16 17:47:34] <@^42^> it is the Scientific Skept you want to strive for, the one that says, No way, maybe, ... and sets out to try for themselves and get results or not
[2006-07-16 17:48:19] <@^42^> of course the Scientific skept needs to have determination, doing a lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram isnt going to result in sparks, fire and demons

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I challenged a medium to a psychic demonstration today

I really am shocked. I thought Reverend JoAnne of Sanctuary of Light Chapel/ in New Port Richey, FL was a real psychic. I wrote down my question: "I'm thinking of a number from 1 to 1000. What is it?" And when she got to it, instead of answering she flew into a rage, along the way admitting that she didn't know.

If someone can't read the mind of someone standing 15 feet from you, how are they getting messages from "the spirit world"? Sabine Blais of Gentle Giant Runecrafting was way more frank. I met her at a Body Mind Spirit Expo in Los Angeles, CA. She said that you could get an idea of where a person was tending but that direct reading of the mind was not in her scope of power.

I guess we need to start with step 1. Just like she said in service today. You can't expect things overnight. It takes years for a seed to turn into an oak. Why would you expect to grow psychic ability overnight? I can certainly see 2 paths to this ability: concentration and bardon's initiation into hermetics. They make it clear that such powers and more are possible. And they both start with some simple exercises. I cannot do them today. If I were to keep at them and get better at them, then psychic power might be just over the horizon. But the bottom line is to start where you are. You see defects in your ability to do their exercises. That should be enough to start with... just try to get better. Resolve to master those exercises. Or at least chip away for 6 months until you improve.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Calculating the percentage of greens in the fruitarian diet

[20:34] <@metaperl> thing is, our nearest relative, the chimp has a diet of 50% fruit, 40% greens, 5% seeds, 5% other
[20:35] <@metaperl> 40% greens, according to Victoria Boutenko
[20:35] <@rump> she thinks in terms of quantity instead of caloricly
[20:35] <@rump> a whole head of lettuce looks like a lot, but its a whopping 50-100 calories
[20:35] <@metaperl> well where is she wrong? (a) our nearest neighbor is the chimp (b) their dietary proportions?
[20:35] <@rump> how she measures the percentages
[20:36] <@metaperl> oh
[20:36] <@rump> and even then her numbers are inflated
[20:36] <@metaperl> interesting observation
[20:36] <@rump> her and dr graham recommend about the same amount of greens believe it or not
[20:36] <@rump> graham says 3-6% caloricly, victoria says 40%
[20:36] <@rump> same quantity
[20:37] <@rump> and chimps yes, but the bonobos who are even closer to us consume much less greens
[20:37] <@rump> the closer we get to humans, the more evolved we become, the more fruit we consume
[20:38] <@rump> the smarter the intellect the more fruit
[20:38] <@rump> so continuing with this trend, really humans should probably eat all fruit and zero greens, heh

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Belching up wheat is not my cup of tea

Well the last thing I ate before starting my new life as a Fruitarian was a bunch of wheat crackers from Glaser Organic Farms. Unfortunately wheat is not very digestible by the human body and I have been beliching it up all day. It really doesn't taste very good coming back up. Even though it tastes OK going down.

This is the second and last time in my life that I eat cooked grains AFAIAC.

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Theming HydraIRC

  • the Docs.htm in your HydraIRC main folder can help ya,

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And only sweet fruit shall touch these lips

I woke up this morning with a mouth nasty from the taste of salt. Salt that my body spewed up out of my tongue. Anyone who goes pure fruit for awhile will have this occur. Hell, salt water will make you vomit while pure water can heal anything... that should be a hint. Well, anyway on to the meat of this post.

Due to extensive experimentation with cooked (macrobiotic, Zone, brown rice fast, SAD, vegetarian, vegan) and raw (vegan, gourmet, never did paleo raw... if this dont work out i'll try it, fruitarian) diets, I have come to a point of wanting to suffer no more at a later stage for dietary indiscretions. Much as the person whose penis is on fire with Herpes for the remainder of his life for sexual indiscretions, I can no longer have my body tormented because of my foolish chase for happiness via sensory indulgence.

Unless a food is approved by 2 out of 3 sources of Dietary Wisdom:


Then for the period of 30 days from today... actually make that 60 days I'm going away to meditation retreat on the 8/18... Actually no. let's make it 30 days. Assess how we're doing and then resolve on a plan for the away trip. So from 7/15 to 8/15 we will do this and then assess how I stand and then continue.

And the last thing I ate was from one of the best raw gourmet places you will find: . I am throwing out an 11.00 jar of dutch chocolate which is 3/4 full. I am throwing out the rest of this guacamole, salsa and dried raw crackers. And then I am moving into    this new condominium and my cupboard shall contain nothing but sweet fruit. And I shall not rush out and binge on anything at anytime lest it be pure water in a pinch. And I shalt consult my sources of dietary wisdom in ADVANCE before committing any deviant act of consumption.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Death is the energizing bridge between lives

Death is not a petering out at all. People say "I felt dead" meaning they felt lifeless. But dying is one's chance for a face-to-face encounter with the energy that creates lives. You move closer and closer to this Cosmic Power in the death process. The tibetans call this power the clear light mind. Here is how one practitioner of the  Discovering Buddhism at Home an FPMT Correspondence Course  describes it:

the clear light mind is an actual thing, a positive
phenomenon -- the continuum of the essential clarity and awareness
that is what makes consciousness conscious. It's this consciousness,
in its moment-by-moment way, that travels from life to life, linking
the two.

As Eliphas Levi pointed out in TRANSCENDENTAL MAGIC: Its Doctrine and Ritual  , death is the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth - it is the pathway to rejuvenation.

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Dalai Lamas and Censorship

Rickpa makes an interesting comment in a thread on the New Kadampa Tradition

Just because a school, or practice was banned by a Dalai Lama doesn't automatically make that a bad thing in my book. After all, the great 5th HH Dalai Lama (The same one who was at the beginning of the Dhogyal controversy) banned the Jonang school, and suppressed the teachings of great beings from Taranatha, to Dolpopa. To the great fortune of all, our current HHDL is no longer suppressing this lineage.

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Why fruitarians crave fats

First a quick explanation of death, from the standpoint of element dissoluton. This is repeated verbatim from "Introduction of Tantra" by Lama Yeshe:

Death is the separation of the mind from the body... gradually with each element of the body --- earth, water, fire, and air --- losing its supportive ability in turn.

The tantric texts dealing with the dying process describe the first four stages of death in vivid terms. They say that first the earth element sinks, or dissolves, into the water element and that then the water element sinks into the fire, and fire into the air, and the air element into consciousness itself.

So what does this mean to the fruitarian? It is simple. A fruitarian is one who consumes a substance that is primarily water and sugar. But sugar is actually just water held together by carbons... in other words, more water. So why would a fruitarian start to crave fat? Well, it is only natural for the uninformed fruitarian to maintain his earth element. A fruit diet dissolves the earth element and the fruitarian feels as if he is dying. And each human being having died many times in ignorance has huge fright at the same sensation of transitioning from earth to water again and fights it the only way he knows - by consumption of fatty substances like nuts and avocados.

Now, an important thing to note is that dying is not like the Energizer Bunny running out of juice --- death is not losing life energy and fizzing out once and for all. As Eliphas Levi pointed out in TRANSCENDENTAL MAGIC: Its Doctrine and Ritual, death is the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth - it is the pathway to rejuvenation. It is your chance to delve into subtler and subtler realms until you come face to face with the Cosmic Orgasm . So yes, a fruitarian constantly feels like he is dying away from this ragged shell of an EARTHlee existence as he spirals through the elements, ever closer to thee central source Ov all.

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A fruitarian speaks on the deleterious effect of avocados

[23:28] i'm gonna throw these avocados away
[23:29] i had two today and i have been loafing all day, no energy, i even passed out for a 3 hour nap midday and i NEVER do that
[23:29] so i cut up 3 and tried to feed to my dog and he wouldnt even tough them
[23:29] and he lives off fruit
[23:29] banana-fiend
[23:30] wow
[23:34] i say no energy, but i guess to some peoples standards i had adequate energy
[23:34] but i just like an abundance where all chores become cake and nothing requires discipline